Mastery Grading Conference:

June 5-6, 2020 Grand Valley State University

COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time we have not made any changes to the event itself, we are planning to move forward. We HAVE updated the registration and travel notification deadlines, and will be as flexible as possible with those. We will continue to update you as information changes.

First ever national conference on Mastery Based Grading! This year's conference will focus on university Mathematics instruction. We hope to expand in future years to cover additional subject matters as well as expanding to include K-12.

A workshop to create a community of new and experienced practitioners of mastery grading in higher education mathematics classes.

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What is mastery grading? Mastery grading is an approach to student assessment in which student work is graded directly on whether it demonstrates mastery of a clear list of objectives. Rather than using points or partial credit, final grades are based on the degree of mastery each student has demonstrated of the objectives by the end of the course. Students typically have (or can earn) multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of each objective. Mastery grading puts emphasis on learning, provides clarity for students, and encourages perseverance and growth mindset.

What is the goal of this workshop? The mastery grading workshop will bring together new and experienced mastery grading practitioners to create a community of practice. We will create a space for participants to make connections with each other, to build a strong and supportive mastery grading community that extends beyond the workshop. Participants will learn the “nuts and bolts” of mastery grading, exchange ideas with others, and begin planning their own mastery-graded classes.

New practitioners will learn the basics of mastery grading, begin planning their own mastery-graded classes in a supportive atmosphere, and make contacts that will support their continued work.

Experienced practitioners will discover new approaches to mastery grading, make new connections, and share their ideas and experience with the community.

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Exciting additional new opportunity!

The Alliance for Michigan IBL is going to host a pre-conference IBL workshop! For more information and to register, visit their site at